Ulrike Guérot

Dr. Ulrike Guérot is a European publicist with more than 20 years experience in German-French affairs, European relations at large, and transatlantic relations; she is committed to the idea of a “res publica europaea”.

In April 2013, together with Robert Menasse, she published a manifesto for the foundation of a European republic. In September 2013, in recognition of her achievements for German-French relations, she was invited to join the German President’s delegation to France. In 2011, the Italian Journal LIMES listed her as one of the 100 European “Thought Leaders”. In 2003, she received the French Order of Merit “Pour le Mérit” for her European commitment.

Dr. Ulrike Guérot is Founder and Director of the European Democracy Lab at the European School of Governance – eusg. The Lab seeks to reframe concepts such as democracy, federalism, legitimacy in ways to allow the current crisis to become a stimulus for positive change. In 2014, Dr. Ulrike Guérot was Senior Fellow at the Open Society Initiative for Europe, working as analyst and public intellectual on issues such as European integration and the EU’s role in a globalised world - with a recent emphasis on Germany’s changed role and responsibility both in Europe and the world. Also in 2014, Dr. Ulrike Guérot was guest researcher for democratisation at the renowned WZB (Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialwissenschaft).

Dr. Ulrike Guérot has worked for different research institutes and has helped building Think Tanks both in France and Germany. She has also taught and researched on European integration at leading European and American universities. Based in Berlin, she advises decision makers with regards to European policies with a particular strength in institution building and development as well as a joint European appearance in world politics. Starting and focal point of her publications and intellectual work are German-French relations as the heart and centre of European progress.

Dr. Ulrike Guérot’s non-partisan European commitment allows her to combine different debates and perspectives while her broad knowledge of economics, democracy theory and institutions often is often combined in her many publications.  

Moreover, she regularly participates in conferences such as the Munich Security Conference, the Ditchley Conferences, the Königswinter Conference or the Bergedorf Round Table. Since November 2013 Dr. Ulrike Guérot’s blog “The Berlin Notebook”, in which she deals with current European and transatlantic questions, is also published by the Atlantic Community.

Dr. Ulrike Guérot is also member of the advisory board of the Institute for Media- and Communications Policy (IfM) and European Alternatives.

Her work and contributions can also be found on her old blog. All activities since summer 2013 are on this website.